Lisa Niemi`sBiography

Name: Lisa Niemi


 Born: May 26, 1956


 Birth Place: Houston, Texas


 Date of Marriage: June 12, 1975 to Patrick


 Siblings: She has five brothers


 Hair Color: Blond


 Zodiac Sign : Gemini


 Hobbies: Dancing, Horseback Riding, Horse Breeding, Flying


 Favorite Color: Blue


 Favorite Drink : Green Tea


 Favorite Designer: Jane Booke


 Education: Parker Elementary School, Houston

                 Pershing Jr. High School, Houston

                 High School for the Performing Arts, Houston


  Dance School of Companies: Alley Theater


                                               Studio 7


                                           Patsy Swayze´s Dance Studio, Houston


                                               Harkness Ballet Theater School, New York


                                               Houston Jazz Ballet


                                               Joffrey II Ballett



 Movies: " Beat Angel"

              " One last Dance" (Chrissa Lindh ) , it´s Lisa´s second movie with Patrick

              " Steel Dawn" , Lisa´s first movie with Patrick

              " Younger and Younger "( Donna Wetter)

              " Bankrupt (AFI, A&E)" ( Clarissa)

              " Voices"


 TV Dramas and Shows: "Super Force" ( Main Character) ( You can watch it on

 Premiere since November 18, 2006)

                                  "Max Headroom" ( Guest Part)

                                   "Live! From Death Row "

                                   " Days of our Lives "


Will Roger's Follies - "Ziegfeld's Favourite" Palace Theater

Love Letters - "Melissa" Canon Theater

Without a Word - -------- Bev. Hills Playhouse

Hellzapoppin' - -------- Pre-B'way Tour

Potpourri and Porcupines - -------- Skylight Theater

Shadows - -------- Bev. Hills Playhouse

The Whore of Mensa - "Sherry" Bev. Hills Playhouse

The Brick and The Rose - "Alice" Attic Theater

Moonchildren - "Shelly" Attic Theater