Patrick - TV and other appearances

Patrick Swayze Movies

USA, 1980: “The Comeback Kid”

Patrick plays a basketballer.


USA, 1979: “Skatetown, USA”

Patrick plays “Ace”, a rollerskating dancer.


USA, 1980: “Return of the Rebels”

Patrick plays “K.C. Barnes”.


USA, 1983: “The Outsiders”

Patrick plays “Darrel”, the big brother of “Sodapop” (Rob Lowe). Many actors who became superstars were starring in this movie, for example Tom Cruise (“Top Gun”), Ralph Macchio (“Karate Kid 1,2,3”) and Matt Dillon. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola.


USA, 1982: “Renegades”

Patrick plays “Bandit”.


USA, 1983: “Uncommon Valour”

Patrick plays “Soldier Scott”. Co-starring: Gene Hackman.


USA, 1985/86: “North and South”

Patrick plays “Orry Main”. It´s his first worldwide success on TV.


USA, 1984: “Grandview, USA”

Patrick plays “Slam Webster”. Co-starring: Jamie Lee Curtis. Patrick and Lisa were responsible for the dance scenes.


USA, 1986: “Pigs vs. Freaks”

Patrick plays “Doug Zimmer”, the son of a policeman.


USA, 1984: “Red Dawn”

Patrick plays “Jed Eckert”. Jennifer Grey, his future dance partner, plays a character in this movie, too. The cinemas just showed the movie for a short time.


USA, 1987: “Life on Death Row”, part of the “Amazing Stories” by Steven Spielberg. Patrick plays “Eric” on Death Row.


USA, 1986: “Youngblood”

Patrick plays “Derek Sutton”, an icehockey player. Co-starring: Rob Lowe.


USA, 2004: “King Solomon´s Mine”

Patrick plays “Allen Quartermain”. It´s a remake.


USA, 1987: “Steel Dawn”

Patrick plays “Nomad”, a former soldier. Lisa Niemi (Patrick´s wife) plays “Kasha”.


USA, 2005: “Icon”

Patrick plays a former FBI agent in Russia.


USA, 1987: “Dirty Dancing”

Patrick plays “Johnny Castle”, a young dancing master. Co-starring: Jennifer Grey. It´s his first worldwide movie success.


USA, 2008: “The Beast”, TV pilot and TV series.

Patrick plays a FBI veteran, who´s working undercover. He´s got to train a new workmate. Pilot movie and the first season were completed on November 25, 2008.


USA, 1987: “Tiger Warsaw”

Patrick plays “Chuck Warsaw”.


  USA, 1988: “ Road House”

Patrick plays “Dalton”, a bouncer working at the club “Double Deuce”. Co-starring: Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliot.


  USA, 1989: “Next of Kin”

Patrick plays “Truman Gates”, a cop who settles up with the mafia. Co-starring: Liam Neeson, Adam Baldwin.


  USA, 1990: “Ghost”

Patrick plays “Sam”, a banker who´s got murdered. Co-starring: Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg.


  USA, 1991: “Point Break”

Patrick plays “Bodhi”, a surfer guru. Co-starring: Keanu Reeves.


  USA, 1991: “City of Joy”

Patrick plays “Max”, a doctor who´s searching for inspiration in India. Co-starring: Pauline Collins, Om Puri.


  USA, 1993: “Father Hood”

Patrick plays “Jack Charles”, a father who wants to protect his kids. Co-starring: Halle Berry.


  USA, 1994: “Tall Tale”

Patrick plays “Pecos Bill”, a legendary cowboy. Co-starring: Oliver Platt.


  USA, 1995: “To Wong Foo”

Patrick plays “Vida”, a drag queen. Co-starring: Wesley Snipes.


  USA, 1995: “Three Wishes”

Patrick plays “Jack McCloud”, a hobo with a very special dog.


  USA, 1998: “Black Dog”

Patrick plays “Jack Crews”, a truck driver without a driver´s license. Co-starring: Meat Loaf, Randy Travis.


  USA, 1998: “Letters from a killer”

Patrick plays “Race Darnell”, a prisoner on Death Row. He has four female penpals. Co-starring: Gia Carides.


  USA, 2000: “Forever Lulu”

Patrick plays “Ben”, who meets his first love again. Co-starring: Melanie Griffith


  USA, 2001: “Donnie Darko”

Patrick plays “Jim Curningham”, a preacher. Co-starring: Mary McDonnell.


  USA, 2002: “Waking up in Reno”

Patrick plays “Roy Kirkendall” who´s got cheated by his wife and best friend. Co-starring: Billy Bob Thornton.


  USA, 2002: “Green Dragon”

Patrick plays a soldier, who´s working at a refugee camp in Vietnam.


  USA, 2002: “George and the dragon”

Patrick plays “Garth”, a knight who wants to marry the princess and become king.


  USA, 2003: “Dirty Dancing 2, Havanna Nights”

Patrick plays a dance master.


  USA, 2003: “11:14”

A movie with a dark sense of humor. It´s about the faith of five people at 11.14pm. Patrick plays “Frank”, wo fears his daughters made another stupid mistake. At first it seems as the stories have nothing in common but this changes at 11.14pm. Co-starring: Hillary Swank.


  USA, 2003: “One last dance”

Patrick Swayze´s and Lisa Niemi´s dance movie. Patrick plays “Travis”, a dancer. Lisa plays “Clarissa”. They are dancing one last dance for their teacher.


  USA, 2005: “Keeping Mum”

Patrick plays a golf instructor, who starts an affair with the vicar´s wife.


  USA, 2006: “Jump”

Patrick plays “Richard Pressburger”, a lawyer.


  USA, 2007: “Christmas in Wonderland”

Patrick plays a father of three children.


  USA, 2007: “Powder Blue”

Patrick plays a club owner. Co-starring: His brother Don. Unfortunately there aren´t any scenes with both of them.